Course Information

Android Outline (New)

  • Introduction to Android
  • Use decision and looping constructs and methods to dictate program flow.
  • Develop your object-oriented skills
  • Android Framework and Android Studio
  • Creating User Interface UI
  • Android Layouts, Styles, Theme and Menus
  • Toasts, Activities, Navigations, and Views
  • Perform basic error handling for your Java technology programs.
  • Android Dialog, SnackBar, Menu, WebView and Notification
  • Android databases and Content Provider
  • Location (Google Map and GPS)
  • Consuming third parties APIs

Some of our in-house work on Google Play Store


Ayo learned Java in a hard way by writing codes on paper and using his brain as a compiler because his laptop was faulty. This journey has helped him to understand the nitty-gritty of Java and as well the pain newbies face when learning Java. So you can be rest assured he understands your pain and knows best on how to make Java simple as ABC... He has taught hundreds of student as Faculty in top training centers in Nigeria and he is a highly motivated computer professional with seven (7) years professional experience in software development. He likes to research on witty inventions and his dream is to solve one of the world's problems using Technology. He enjoy’s participating in competitions and activities that challenge his programming abilities. Some of the well known competition he did, are:

  • Better Life App Challenge Powered by Softonic 2016 in Bacelona Spain
  • Intel AppCircus 2015 – Emerged as a Finalist
  • Samsung 2009 Mobile Challenge – Shortlisted

In a nutshell, he is not just a trainer, but also a core app developer. He has developed and deployed loads of revenue-generating applications ranging from mobile, desktop and web. He recently built the first SMSC/SMPP application in Nigeria that sends SMS contents to over 2 million Airtel users daily (with four retries) and also perform micro billings on those users. His recent mobile app is Christian Hub with about a thousand downloads in less than three (3) months


Today, the rate of youth’s unemployment in Nigeria is alarming. Java bootcamp aims to reduce the unemployment rate by empowering youths in the field of technology as technology has become an integral part of our daily life. The demand of technology is seen to be a reality in creating employment opportunity for young people. Our Bootcamp teaches youths the art of programming, using Java programming language to give young people an opportunity to be self-employed, and exposed to entrepreneurship through the use of information and communication technology.

Many youths have keen desire to gain worthwhile skills and practical knowledge in computer software. However, the cost of learning professional course in computer is high and many are not financially buoyant to enroll themselves.

JavaBootcamp tuition fee is ₦300, 000. Eligibility:

  • A good prior knowledge on how to use a Computer.
  • High willingness to learn Java
  • High level of dedication, commitment and target-orientation
  • Strong capacity for team work
  • Strong self-motivation and high level of enthusiasm

What you should be expecting

The official training language for this Mobile course is Java. Java technology is both a programming language and a platform. The Java programming language is a high-level object-oriented language that has a particular syntax and style. A Java platform is a particular environment in which Java programming language applications run.

Java is not just a programming language. It is a part of our digital lifestyle. And a lifelong career for anyone who masters it. Our Java Bootcamp training course is the best way to start your computer programming career.

You Will Learn How To

  • Deliver robust mobile business applications and integrate them with enterprise systems
  • Create intuitive, reliable software using activities, services, and intents
  • Design UIs that work seamlessly with a range of phones and tablets
  • Integrate applications with enterprise web and location-based services

Course Duration?
8 Weeks (12hrs a week)

Brief Platform Explaination

1. Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)

When most people think of the Java programming language, they think of the Java SE API. Java SE's API provides the core functionality of the Java programming language. It defines everything from the basic types and objects of the Java programming language to high-level classes that are used for networking, security, database access, graphical user interface (GUI) development, and XML parsing.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

It is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient. It accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides appropriate responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, e-mail and perhaps other media. Example of IVR is telecommunication (e.g MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile etc) customer care center

The method of training is as follows:
The training is to be:
• Delivered in an enthusiastic and interesting way that will involve all the delegates.
• Whilst being consistent with the plan, the training must be flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual delegate group.
• Highly practical, structured and organized.

The training method follows this general pattern:
1. The instructor gives a clear explanation of the point in question.
2. Then the instructor will demonstrate the principle and gives specific examples.
3. Then, the delegates practice by doing an exercise on what had been taught
4. The delegates practice by doing exercise with the instructor.
5. All points are supported with full written notes to take away.

Java Bootcamp Lagos FAQ

Yes, there will be a selection process and this process is dependent on the platform of choice. Our aim is to produce the best Java developers in the industry and to do that we must ensure all prerequisites are well followed strictly.

All of our instructors have years of experience in their field and are experts in Java Programming with a lot of mobile, web and desktop app deployment. It will interest you to know that one of them built the first SMSC/SMPP gateway app in Nigeria that pushes SMS contents to millions of people across Nigeria.

You will be exposed to the art of building great and working apps with ease and before the bootcamp ends you would have developed an app you can call yours, this makes you employable in the fast-growing IT world. Also even after the Bootcamp you will be mentored by high top-notch Software Engineers in the industry

A good prior knowledge of any object oriented programming language will be a good start. For Android and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) it's a must you have at least a little knowledge of Java Standard Edition (JSE). For JSE all we require from you is a desperate desire for software development and to be able to use a computer perfectly well without assistance.

No, we will start with the platform with the highest user request. So just tap on button 'Add me to the waiting list' to register your intrest and we will surely get back to you.